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The Stars are Just a Story


We create our lives with stories. Every sense, and every experience, shapes our reality as we continue to weave the tale of our lives. Although each story is unique, there are familiar patterns—reverberations of a greater, archetypal narrative at play. Like the changing of seasons, or the great revolutions of the cosmos, so too can we feel our lives following a similar current.

It's these modulating currents, these moments in time, that astrology can become the language that puts context to our story and casts a mythic lens to the cycles of life that resonate with the archetypal—the shared experiences of humanity on Earth—and becomes a tool for growth, healing, and the continued blossoming of consciousness.

Astrology is sometimes known as the language of synchronicity—it gives us a linguistic framework for the seemingly inconsequential and significant moments in our lives. In so, astrology is also the language of the unfolding of time. The cosmos is forever in flux, and even when stationary, under the surface, our lives are never static. Change is always at play. It’s truly the one paradoxical constant of the universe. There is no stopping change. We can either resist or surrender to it with grace. Astrology can help us make that choice by giving context to time.


And no, astrology isn’t about surrounding your personal agency to the Fates or a Higher Power, and nothing is ever written in stone. As a society, we post signs for a reason—often to designate where we are at, sometimes to stop, or caution us to slow down because there’s a sharp turn up ahead. On the road, we don’t blindly ignore these signs no matter how anarchistic our views are, and we can extend that prudency to the astrological signposts along our way through space on our beautiful Earthship.


Furthermore, we all have patterns, and if we pause long enough to recognize them, we can see reoccurring themes playing out in our lives like we are caught in a strange loop. These are usually areas where our “work” presents itself—how we can grow, overcome, evolve, and step into a greater state of awareness that will make us more complete human beings.


In both cases, astrology can help us recognize these patterns and give context to our journey along the spiral path.

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