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The Stars are Just a Story


We build our lives out of story. Every sense, every experience, shapes our reality as we continue to live the tale. But although each story is unique, there are familiar patterns; reverberations of a greater narrative at play. Like the changing of seasons, or the great revolutions of the sky, so too can we feel our lives following a similar current.

It is these currents, these moments in time, that astrology can become the language that puts context to our story and casts a mythic lens to the cycles of life that resonates the archetypal—the shared experiences of humanity on Earth—and becomes a tool for growth, healing, and the continued flowering of conscious awareness.


The people I work with are answering a call to understand these rhythms guiding our lives and feel a yearning for a deeper, more mystical, connection to their own story. 


Astrology is such a tool, but it need not be the only one. Further insight can be gleaned through the tarot, runes, and I Ching, all of which tell an unfolding journey of being, connecting us to a timeless source of wisdom. 


It is to the Story that I am committed to sharing with you, whether it's to help understand a difficult passage or ways that you can unlock your creative potential through these archetypal symbols. 

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