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Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Eclipse 2022 CK Alexander
Eclipse, 18” x 24” mixed media on paper, 2022

Eclipses are portals. Doorways between the liminal spaces of our minds. That what’s within meets what’s without. Boundaries blur. The distinction between what came before and what comes after becomes harder to define. Loops and patterns form, interconnecting threads along the healing journey toward total awareness. Lessons repeat. Similarities emerge. Always with new opportunities to apply what we’ve learned, like metallurgists transforming information into wisdom. And held in balance, the old self and the new self, polar opposites cradling the center point where absolute awareness resides. In the center of the eye, dissolves the I, surrendered to the numinous field of stars within—the Star Gate for the soul with infinity in its reaches.

*This piece began during the first Taurus/Scorpio eclipse season in the spring and was completed during the Autumn eclipses, 2022.

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