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Numinous Explorations Part I, No. 1-3

Updated: Mar 9

Part I, No. 1

Weaving the threads of unseen patterns—unseen as in beyond our trained, indoctrinated sight. Biological governors filtering sense perception to manageable levels does not stop—cannot stop—the array of wavelengths that abound.

The Gateway by CK Alexander
"The Gateway" 22"x30" mixed media on paper, 2019.

Part I, No. 2

Numinous. Liminal. Nebulous. The last act before creation begins. Dreamtime murmurs. Imaginal planes. Thought intersects light and sound, converging into matter. Matter disperses back into waveforms.

"Protouniverse" by CK Alexander
"Protouniverse" 48”x60” mixed media on canvas, 2022.

Part I, No. 3

Nonsense doesn’t mean no sense. Rather, it means frolicking in the senses without making sense out of the senseless. Unabashed motion. The whirling cosmic frenzy of the Dervish reenacting the most primordial movement of the universe—a movement that governs the orbits of atoms as much as the stars.

"As Above, So Below" by CK Alexander
"As Above, So Below" digital photography remix, 2021

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