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Numinous Explorations, Part I, No. 4-7

Part I, No. 4

Deep breath—the whole universe returns to your lungs. Exhale—all of creation comes into being. In the still silence, is the Awakening. In the multivariant array of light and sound forever in flux, is the Dream.

Heart of the Sun by CK Alexander
Heart of the Sun, 23"x29" mixed media on paper, 2018 (Eclipse Season, 2018).

Part I, No. 5

To know a thing is to become it. All understanding is experiential. Seeking knowledge is like chasing the sun. Look to the trees if you want to understand true wisdom. Better yet, become one.

The Tree is Within by CK Alexander
The Tree is Within, 18”x24” mixed media on paper, 2010

Part I, No. 6

There is a current that connects two points. Subliminally, it affects all things. It cannot be grounded, and it cannot be controlled. But it can be harnessed and ridden to and fro.

Hidden Masters by CK Alexander
Hidden Masters, digital photography remix, 2021

Part I, No. 7

The wake is evidence of motion. Just as the wakes given in vigil of death are the evidence left by lives lived and the ever-unfurling of life.

Angel Song by CK Alexander
Angel Song, 24"x24" mixed media on canvas, 2019

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