• Chris Kaplan

Sacred Marriage


As the moon is born anew, the sun catching up with Jupiter, and Mars/Venus applies to Pluto, I’m reminded of our sacred essence and the importance of honoring the energies of creation. To hone and channel these forces honorably so they can become a force that empowers us rather than makes us ravenous.

The active yang and the receptive yin work in tandem, not solely as separate, dual forces but mechanisms of perpetual motion that endlessly replenish the well of creation. Over and over, we die to ourselves and are reborn, a work constantly in progress, while the non-linear nature of healing gives us new challenges to grow and evolve while we integrate the lessons of Future and Past in this ever-unfolding N0w.

To marry these forces and live in the absolution of center-point time is the true alchemical gold of our hearts radiating with the sacred flame of love that is not bound to any one thing and awakens our perception beyond the plane of binaries and attachment so that we can live with full, embodied presence in every second of our lives without fear or expectation.

[Art: Sacred Marriage, 18”x24” mixed media on paper]

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