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First and foremost, the runes are a story outside of time, where the seeker encounters the primordial ooze of language itself, of Thought, the Logos, and the neural pathways of the Universe with all its branching dendrites of memory that form the firmament. It is here, that the first users of the runes channeled the runic language just as every root symbol and iconography from around the globe was transmitted.


Even though the runes are a singular system—a symbolic language all on their own—because they stem from the archetypal bedrock endogenous to humanity and the observation of nature and universal cycles, their correlation with Western Astrology is apparent. Like all proto-languages and symbols, the runes are a direct link to the firmament of consciousness, unifying through entopic phenomena and non-ordinary states of consciousness received by shamanistic practices.

Like any sacred language—runes, astrology, tarot, and those of their kind—experiential practice is the best teacher. Synching with cycles, contemplating the numbers, lines, images, and inherent geometry that mirrors the natural laws of the universe is a far better teacher than any book can be.

The runes are a particular fascination of mine, not only for their deceiving simplicity but the built-in emulation of the natural cycles and rhythms of the planet. Like other sacred symbols around the globe, they’re layered with meaning, which peel away and reveal themselves the deeper you look and the more you grow, becoming a mirror for your heart-mind. Like any “secret” language, if you know, you know—not always for the misguided notion of inclusivity, but because the nature of communication and transmission—to pass one insight to another—is entirely based on a subjective and experiential understanding of the language itself—you have to know already to know; there has to be a shared understanding of experience/frequency of knowing that harmonizes. Otherwise, blue is just a color (and maybe a shade of Cyan to one person, and Cerulean to another); or hinting at an emotional state palled with ennui for one person but to another means a joyous expansion because they remember how they felt diving into crisp, clear blue waters or lying with and loved one under a clear blue sky.


Similar to hieroglyphs with their multitude of meanings—runes become a symbolic, living language through the formation of bindrunes. This interchange of lines creates beautiful geometric patterns that form a narrative and deeper linguistic framework of meaning, which can be reformed, reconstructed, and expounded on in the pattering of new symbols.

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