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The visual and auditory spectrum of our perceived reality is all but a glimpse of the intertwining fabric of a multiverse experience.

We now know that all organic or inorganic structures create electromagnetic feedback. A frequency started, propelled, and amplified through the empty space of the molecular organism and fueled by the electron resonance carried forth by toroidal forces and spin.

Higher and lower, inside and outside, there is a fractal, holographic nature to the multiverse and our very existence. Only the subtle altering of perception lies behind the differences between a supergiant star and the tiniest of atoms. Every manifested form, whether our physical bodies or the luminaries in the heavens and their creations, is subject to the same universal laws and cyclical rhythms. Our bodies, just like those of the celestial objects of the cosmos, produce an electromagnetic and biorhythmic signature—a unique vibratory signature that ripples across the web-like pattern of existence.

The Transmissions Project is an aleatoric music and visual art project utilizing research based on the effects of sound on consciousness, Unified Field Theory, String Theory, Sound Healing, Chakra Balancing, astrology, and a culmination of cross-cultural mythology.​

The project is based on three tenets: 


First, each tone in the 12-note chromatic scale corresponds to one of the twelve zodiac signs. Secondly, each sign is associated with the diatonic scale correlating with the chakra colors. Lastly, the Golden Ratio is applied as a verifiable present function in most organic structures as well as works of graphic, musical, and narrative art.

We use these principles as a point of consciousness filtration in the acts of creation, which are first meditated and concentrated on in correspondence to the appropriate zodiacal phase, conceiving a sonic and light representative of the moment.

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The Transmissions Project uses the Sun’s position as the dominant filter for transmission while incorporating transitory signatures of the other planets and luminaries in relationship because it is the primary light source and center of consciousness of our experience, highlighting each astrological phase.

For example, C major is the home base for the chromatic scale, and this correlates to Aries, seen as the first sign of the zodiac (and the astrological new year in our current precessional age). Subsequently, going down the chromatic scale, we'd correlate each note with the following sequence of zodiacal signs:

C = Aries; C# = Taurus; D = Gemini; D# = Cancer; E = Leo; F =Virgo; F# = Libra; G = Scorpio; G# = Sagittarius; A = Capricorn; A#/B♭ =Aquarius; and B = Pisces.

Furthermore, each whole tone is represented in the Light/art element of the project with their corresponding chakra and color:

Aries/Taurus = Root Chakra/Red; Gemini/Cancer = Sacral Chakra/Orange; Leo = Solar Plexus Chakra/Yellow; Virgo/Libra = Heart Chakra/Green; Scorpio/Sagittarius= Throat Chakra/Blue; Capricorn/Aquarius = Brow Chakra/Indigo; and Pisces = Crown Chakra/Purple.

The Transmissions Project is currently exploring the multitudes of astrological possibilities regarding planetary signatures, including unique sonic chart compositions, to give an experiential interpretation of one's natal chart that can be used for sound healing and integrating planetary transits through meditation and journey work on these celestial phenomena. 

Live Transmissions Project performances are currently on hiatus.

Stay Tuned


For collaborations, email:

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