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Work with Me

Chris Kaplan is a writer and visual artist exploring consciousness in perpetuation of the Mythic Imagination. His work draws upon his background in anthropology, archaeology and comparative mythology, which led him to a long-time practice of shamanism, astrology, tarot, and the runes.


Chris is a graduate from the Nightlight School of Astrology, and has been studying and practicing astrology for over a decade and is the producer of the popular Astrology Hub Podcast. He has worked for many years in new media production through his time at SynchCast and Evolver, where he helped develop some of the very first online astrology courses and shows with many renowned astrologers.

Chris specializes in mythic astrology and the activation of creative potential, whether this is helping you adapt to the cyclical rhythms of the planets, or unlocking the deeper narration of your chart.


Though generally, Chris is only available for astrology, tarot and rune consultations by referral, he occasionally has availability and accepts new clients. Feel free to write him at chris@fromyondershore.com