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Transmissions From Yonder Shore

The further outward we gaze, and the further inward we perceive, the chaos of entropy reflects a precision order. The microcosm becomes the macrocosm; the macro becomes the micro, ad infinitum. Matter becomes the empty space of whirling particles and waves. Light becomes sound, and sound becomes light, revealing the archetypal dimensions of consciousness reawakening the mythic lens through the multidimensional filters of reality.


This mythic vision, long made myopic, is once more becoming clear, rekindling the connection with our imagination founded within a deeper reality at a time when our planet needs most this lifting of the veil causing humanity's amnesia to our Universal nature in symbiosis with all life.

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C.K. Alexander

A wayward anthropologist with a love of the night sky—C.K. Alexander’s novels and screenplays focus on genre-blending speculative & visionary fiction with elements of cli-fi, esoterica, cyberpunk, neo-shamanism with a cosmological eye. C.K.’s visual art, poetry, and non-fiction explore non-ordinary states of consciousness, non-dual thought, Earth stewardship, and comparative mythology.

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Interdimensional Raven Away!

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Interdimensional Raven Away!

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