Transmissions From Yonder Shore

The further outward we gaze, and the further inward we see, the chaos of entropy reflects a precision order. The microcosm becomes the macrocosm; the macro becoming the micro, ad infinitum. Matter becomes the empty space of whirling particles and waves. Light becomes sound, and sound becomes light, revealing the archetypal dimensions of consciousness to reawaken the mythic lens through the multidimensional filters of reality.
This mythic vision, long made myopic, is once more becoming clear, rekindling the connection with our imagination founded within a deeper reality when our planet needs most this lifting of the veil causing humanity's amnesia to our Universal nature in symbiosis with all life.


Chris Kaplan

Chris is a weaver of story and image through his speculative fiction and art. His screenplays and short fiction have won several awards, and his visionary art explores non-ordinary states of consciousness.


His background is in cultural anthropology and screen studies, including comparative mythology, archaeology, film, TV, and radio production. His academic pursuits led him to an intensive practice of shamanism and the occult through the entheogenic plant experience, astrology, tarot, and the runes, with which he is a practitioner.


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