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Autumnal Equinox & the Hermetic Marriage

Balance by CK Alexander

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Hermetic Marriage of late—the ritual embodiment of anima & animus, masculine & feminine, Siva & Shakti, the upward and inverse triangle simultaneously fused, either singularly or partnered, that forms the six-pointed star of the Seal of Solomon with the Eternal “I” at its center, the Dreamer and Dream in this world of māyā and illusion that is this plane of duality by the fundamental split between subject and object, which all stems from the united force—and there’s no better time for it than the Autumnal Equinox when the final union of opposites, light and dark, are held in perfect suspension before dispersing into the deep night and slips into the realm of unconscious sleep to birth a new dream into being with the returning of the light.

That’s the archetypal story in the Northern Hemisphere. In the southern hemisphere, the Long Night is over. Spring has come, and the entire hemisphere becomes the Realm of Light while the Dreamer dreams in the north. This orbital dance of Earth & Sun is another beautiful representation of the world of duality in concert. The assimilation of opposites, yin and yang, activity and receptivity, all held together in absolute balance.

With light & dark, masculine & feminine, unified, in that coupling, there’s a glimmer of the Totality, the recognition of the self-made-complete, and the nondual realm, that is, and is at the heart, of every divergent thing, beyond subject and object into an integrated whole. This merger is the focus and intent of the Hermetic Marriage—an active yoga and meditation on the fusion of opposites that finds complete temporal alignment during the autumnal/Mabon point of the earth’s voyage around the sun throughout the Wheel of the Year when Libra season begins, and both poles rest in dynamic equilibrium where the interconnection of Self & Other is made most apparent.


Vishnu and Padma Dreaming the Dream of the World by CK Alexander
Vishnu and Padma Dreaming the Dream of the World


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