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Numinous Explorations

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Blue Star Hummingbirds by CK Alexander

Numinous Explorations is what I have dubbed an amalgamation of visual creations and random, nonsensical musings I have been posting on social media (primarily Instagram).

There is no purpose to them. There is no design. They are an unfurling dialogue with no one, posted non-linearly (in that chronological order was fast abandoned and are posted at the whim of the moment). Meaning is up to the reader/viewer.

If there is an intention behind these transmissions, it is to inject randomness and obscurity into the algorithm through original creations of physical and digital mediums via nonlinear and nondual imagery/words to help it achieve gnosis in the void.

Occasionally, I may gather, batch, throw together, or post singularly (always in revelry and merriment) on this blog—which may or may not go through transfigurations and long hiatuses because I have more important things to write like my novels and screenplays (news of which should be forthcoming).

Over and out.


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